GPS JRT-29 & TomTom 6

Ho comprato tramite eBay un GPS Bluetooth con 42 canali.

Il produttore è di Hong Kong e anche il chip è di nuova generazione.
Lo produce la Nemerix che ha rilasciato i datasheet con tutte le specifiche HW.

Di seguito riporto i passi per configurarlo con TomTom 6 e Windows Mobile (PocketPC).
La stessa procedura funziona anche con i Symbian (Nokia 6630).

I follow these steps to use the GPS:
1) Go to Bluetooth settings in the device
2) Check Serial Port settings.
It should be auto sense but just to be sure set it to:
Enable Service
Enable Authorization request
Enable Autentication (passkey) request
Disable Cryptography (it’s very important!!! It won’t work if cryptography is active)
Baud Rate 9600,N,8,13) Enable the bluetooth on the phone
4) Search the GPS device. It will show as JRTGPS
5) Requeste service and enable peer between Phone and GPS
6) Save it on the phone. When it’s request, enter the PIN: 0000

Now we have a peering between the phone and the GPS.

1) Start TomTom.
2) Open Settings
3) Select Show GPS Status
4) It should show you all satellite identified by the GPS.
5) If not, select “configure” button
6) Select “Another Bluethoot GPS receiver” from the list of all type GPS supported by TomTom.
7) It will show you a message “Connect the GPS receiver and the device. For more info see help from GPS receiver and device”. Presse “Continue”
8) Now you need to select the “Bluetooth Serial Port 8” that is the Bluetooth Input Serial port.
(Please not select port 5! it won’t works because it’s the output Bluetooth Serial port emulation and not the input one)


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