Swat 4 game!

This post is dedicated to S.W.A.T. Game! 🙂

I was on board of Elite Pardy team 3 years ago, then we lost each others.

Now, I play on KOZ and GSF server
Check the forum and GSF map packs

Official Swat 4 website has latest patch for the game.
The official expansion pack for Swat 4 is named: The Stetchkov Syndicate

The swat engine is based on Quake 3 and the core are open to be edited.
So, there is a few mods: SSF Realism Mod v3.1 and H.S.M Enhancements v3.0: Reloaded
A lot of other download are available at Hot Swat Mod website.

Useful is to be able to quickly say standard commands and info during the mission.
This could be done with key binding
Another tips is how to move immediately after map start, I did a simple CMD file to rename *_dis.ogg files.
Last hint is about color nick in the game

Well KoZ stands for Kindom of Zeus and it’s non lethal only server: that’s why I like it! 🙂


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