Types of renewables energy

To find out more about the different renewable energy technologies available, simply choose from the link below:

The European Commission is spending a lot of energy on a wide initiative to incentive the use of renewable energy. Check the following website:

A good PDF with slide about the survey done by EuroBarometer about Europeans and Pollution

Finally, a 4 pages brochure about how Europe can change the way to produce and use energy!

About the installation and use of PV pannels and Solar heating, there are a lot of initiative in Italy. More information are available on pienosole.it

On this article, it’s shown that if you create a PV system: it will be at 0 (zero!) cost!

A good guide about “Conto Energia that is a Country fund that it will pay back for each kWh created with renewable sources is really usefull to understand how this process works.

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