Custom skin on Swat 4: Phase #1

First phase to edit a skin file starting from UTX to DDS
Custom skin could be created by user and added to CustomSkins folder inside Swat 4.
The default location is:
C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\ContentExpansion\CustomSkins\

It contains a file that explain How to make a custom skin and it’s divide in 3 “not-so-easy” steps. The same guide is available at 10 David website.

At the Sierra Swat 4 download website there are 2 sample skins that could be downloaded.
Each ZIP file contains 2 UTX graphic files adn all System folder to run swat game.
Download the 2 files here:

After you download the Taiwanese skin, decompress the file and read the information inside the file readme (TWN).rtf

According to the first Readme file inside the CustomSkin folder, you need a lot of BMP to create a UTX file. But if you already have a UTX file, you could extract them.
To do this, you need to open Swat 4 Editor located in:
C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\ContentExpansion\System\SwatEd.exe

Select View –> Show texture browser to open the “Textures window”.
Then select File –> Open and select the file

This show all textures and shaders inside the UTX file.
To see more details, select a bitmap inside the texture and click Properties button (or double click).

Well now we need to export the UTX file in DDS.
Select all texture picture (not the shader) and you will got DDS files:

  • 5 agent names
  • 2 Swat bodies
  • 2 Swat vests
  • 5 faces

To edit this file, you need Photoshop CS3 and DDS plugin for Photoshop CS3.
On the nVidia website there are also a few usefull tools to manage DDS texture files.

Open the DDS files in Photoshop and edit it as you like.
When you save the file you need to select:

  • Format = D3D/DDS
  • DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp 1 bit alpha
  • 2D texture

You can click “2D Preview” to see a preview of the DDS file.

We will see how to rebuild the UTX file based on DDS and finally the SKIN package.


6 thoughts on “Custom skin on Swat 4: Phase #1

  1. amigo essas edições servem p/ a versão 1.1? consegui ver as texturas e salvalas em dds , mas como faço p/ reverter o processo com as novas texturas? um abraço!


  2. Friend serve these issues w / the version 1.1? see and edit them using photoshop + plugin. but when I try to connect to servers gives error. Thank you, I look forward respost.


  3. For others see the skins that have screens in the game without screens or summer?tanks! the night I will move more in them.much these tutorials will show following each doubt about my clan visitwww.clan1ri.com1RI – Brazil


  4. for me to have this skin available in the game is necessary to create another class right? I am having difficulty finding the class in version 1.1. I would support a detailed if possible. I sent you a doubt # 2 I hope you could help me! [] s


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