Andrew Meyer: FREE NOW!

Andrew Meyer Arrested for Speaking at Kerry Forum
NOTE: The following is not posted by Andrew Meyer, but has been posted by his friends.

Andrew Meyer is currently incarcerated in Alachua County. While asking U.S. Senator John Kerry a question during a question and answer period following Kerry’s speech at the University of Florida, Meyer was attacked by five police officers, manhandled and tasered. Fortunately there are videos and many witnesses to this injustice. Some articles and videos are linked below. Please show your support by educating yourselves and raising awareness by letting others know what has happened. Continue checking back to this website for updates.

NBC Video

Video on Digg (Please digg this!)
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FoxNews! (Meyer made the front page of
The article is located at,2933,297126,00.html

University of Florida Newspaper “The Alligator”
The Alligator Article

Gainesville Sun
Gainesville Sun Article

Star Banner
Ocala Newspaper

Miami Herald
Miami Newspaper
Wiki Protest: The Blog of the Revolution

Contact The Andrew Meyer


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