Betamax price comparison

A good job of all betamax providers compared by price of phone calls
I see that this link was broken, so use the Google’s cache! 🙂

Another good website is (thanks to Major2000):


2 thoughts on “Betamax price comparison

  1. Hi,I found another good comparison website out there that offer a comparison of all Betamax software. The interesting part is that they update the site daily and allow user to report any discrepancies the found. It is worth including that on this site too to allow visitor to be well served. You can get the top 10 best provider rates for each country, compare up to 4 providers side by side, get details on every company, get number of freedays, SIP settings details, Access numbers per country, download software, compare up to and up to 3 rates side by side for a specified county.


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