Satellite Decoder for GranMa

My granma has installed the satellite television system, so I need to buy a Free-To-Air decoder to allow her to see all satellite channels.
I checked Italian electronics’ shops websites and got the following models:

Price 54 + Shipping 13 = 67 Euros Total

Humax F3 FOX CI
Price 137 Euros Total

Price 69.50 + Shipping 9 = 78.50 Euros Total
Price 129 + Shipping 9 = 138 Euros Total
Price 149 – 20% DVB-T Government discount = 149 – 30 = 119 Euros Total

The prices are quite high, so I decide to focus on cheaper models available.

Price 51 + Shipping 13 = 64 Euros Total

Price 69 Euros Total
There is no Technical Details because it’s produced by Humax.

Price 69.50 Euros Total

Price 54.00 + Shipping

Price 59.90 + Shipping

Price 45.60 + Shipping

There is an important technical detail to keep in mind: which firmware are they using? is it possible to “update” it manually? Is there a good website with enhanced version of the basic firmware?
To get an answers, I did a reverse lookup without checking the prices, I was looking for technical details.
So about the Cobra Lince, I got the list of relesers in Milan and Venice.
I found a really good forum to get latest firmware and features.

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