MRT 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E Performance

Finally, I got the NAS at home and tested the transfert rate.
The connection between the PC and NAS is made with a Linksys running DD-WRT v23 SP2 (09/15/06) voip firmware.
I installed 1 Western Digital & 1 Seagate: both SATA 250Gb HDDs.
NAS firmware version is the original MRT G5S52256202, then I will upgrade the firmware to Tinky.

This is the perfmon of the NAS transfering small files: 5.67 Mb/s average

5 thoughts on “MRT 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E Performance

  1. ciao, avrei bisogno di supporto riguardo questo prodotto. credo di aver fatto una bella cavolata. ho aggiornato tramite browser questo firmware: (2°post. dove ci sta il link a questo firmw: provato in vari modi, ma in pratica mi ritrovo da 4giorni a impazzire per vedere come far resuscitare questa scatolotto.spero tu mi possa essere d’aiuto.grazie anticipatamente


  2. Ciao cikoloko.Si, nelle istruzioni non è molto chiara la procedura per fare l’aggiornamento. Ti riporto qui sotto la procedura corretta.5.) How to install Tinky? First of all MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR FILES You may be saying: Where should I put the 400GB??? We’ll somewhere 🙂 Warning your MAC-Address will be changed to 0050c22b3322 but if you want you can reconfigure the MAC-Adr in the bootloader Before you begin you’ll need a tftp server for the installation. For Windows you can try (thanks again Jean-François) For Linux I can recommend atftp Extract the Archive and run # md5sum -c tinky-2_3_2-mu-02.2.md5 copy the tinky-2_3_2-mu-02 firmware file to you tftp-root for me its # cp tinky-2_3_2-mu-02.2 /tftp_root/ (Just to be sure your NAS has to powered OFF at this stage!!!) Configure your Networkcard to use a 192.168.2.x IP-adr. (e.q. Now run: # arping -f; telnet 9000 boot your NAS and hit Ctrl+C when promted. If you have no arping (Windows) you should prepare the telnet command then power on your NAS and hit enter at the same time. Note: If you have problems to catch the NAS you probably have to put a switch or hub between your PC and the NAS. Once you reach the Redboot-Bootloader – press X – press 2 (TFTP download) – enter your PC IP-Adr. (for me its – enter the path to the firmware image (for me /tftp_root/tinky-2_3_2-mu-02.1) Note: Redboot has problems with long paths + make sure that no space is in the path (like C:\im so cool\) – press enter – last chance Do not power-off this device while flash programming is proceeding!!———— Are you sure to program Boot code (Y/N) y Its a bad idea to play now with the power supply etc etc 🙂 Flashing can take up to 15 min. If something goes wrong and you are lucky the bootloader has already been written to the flash you can retry. – Once its done press 1 to boot the NAS The first boot will be slow because dropbear will create the keys Note: If you want to use ssh with other users than root you have to make sure that they have a valid shell and home-dir /etc/passwd: my-user:$1$$CoERg7ynjYLsj2j4glJ34.:500:100:admin:/mnt/IDE1/my- user/:/bin/sh If you like you can copy the /etc/profile file to the users home and set the HOME-variable to: HOME=/mnt/IDE1/my-user6.) Ok but I already have a 2.x firmware, do I have to make a full update Well no if and ONLY if you have a 2.x firmware you can update only the Ramdisk and Application parts. If you do so you have to first update the Ramdisk and after that the Application part but the bootloader wont be touched which makes the update process more secure (you will allways be able to access the bootloader even if something gose wrong while you flash) and your MAC-Adr wont be changed :-).


  3. Ciao,scusa se non ti ho risposto prima.Sono stato impegnato in questi giorni.Volevo sapere se hai risolto?Se si, riesci a postare la procedura che poi la riporto sul sito della NAS per gli altri utenti?Grazie! 🙂


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