MRT 35HD-DUAL-NAS-E Hardware components

A working Tinky firmware is now available and we activate a support Forum for users

More information about the Serial Port connector and adapter circuit.
JP2 is serial port connector. Pinout =

  1. Vcc (pin 1 is next to GPIO:21)
  2. TxD
  3. RxD
  4. NC
  5. GND


Gemini SL3516 Network Processor is the heart of the NAS system:
The Gemini SL3516 Network Processor provides superior performance and functionality for Router Gateway, NAS, IP Set Top Box, VoIP and other SME and SOHO applications. The device has single 32-bit ARM9 RISC Processors with up to 400MIPS total performance. The device integrates a full featured hardware crypto engine, two 10/100/1000 Ethernet MACs, dual USB2.0 hosts or clients, dual IDE or SATA interfaces, a 66MHz 32-bit PCI interface, and direct interfaces to color LCD and SLIC modules. The device also includes an intelligent and programmable power management unit for portable system applications.


It’s a 32Mb DDR chipset made by Nanya Technology Corporation.
  • Part Number = NT5DS32M16BS-5T
  • Voltage = 2.5V
  • Refresh = 8K
  • Package = 66-Pin TSOP(II)
  • Speed = 333/400 DDR

100/1000 Base-T Transformer

It’s a chip made by Magtek Technology Inc.
  • Part Number = G24102MK
  • Turns Ratio [TX:RX]= 1CT:1CT
  • Operating Temperature = Standard Temp
  • Package = 24PIN/SMD

PDF Technical Specification are available.

Gigabit Ethernet Transceivers

It’s a chip made by Marvel Corporate

  • Part Number = 88E1111
  • Description = Single Multi-Interface Transceiver

PDF Technical Specification are available.

Flash ROM memory

It’s a chip made by Spansion Corp

  • Density = 128Mb
  • Voltage = 3Volt
  • Interface = Page-mode
  • Process Technology = 110 nm MirrorBit™ technology
  • Bus Width = x8/x16
  • Sector Type = Uniform
  • Initial Access Times (ns) = 90/100/110
  • Page Mode Access Times (ns) = 25/30
  • Package Options = 56-pin TSOP / 64-ball Fortified BGA
  • Temperature Range = -40°C to +85°C / -25°C to +85°C

PDF Technical Specification are available.


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