Best satellite software configuration

After about a year of study, here is the best configuration I can setup to be able to see most of channels without any duplicated software.

Hardware =

Driver =

Application =

Plug in for ProgDVB =

  • Plug in Pack contains =
    • S2EMU v1.2.8 – PREMIERE OK
    • WINCSC – Card Sharing
    • CARD CLIENT SERVER (CSC) – Card Sharing
    • DCW.DLL – DCW manually
    • CHANGER.DLL – Change character and colour of ProgDVB
    • MDSOUNDRECORDER – Record music in all format
    • XME.DLL (Xtra Music/Music choice EPG) – Track lists of Xtra Music’s playing songs
    • LNB.EXE – Click to shot in LNB and disable EPROM
  • V-Plug – Install after the Plugin Pack

Utility & Tool =

Key =

File Sharing websites =

Forum =


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