Best satellite software configuration: v2.0

This is version 2.0 based on first configuration.
I edited it to get HDTV support and reduce the effort to see all channels via satellite.

These are the step by step guide (follow the installation order):
  1. Hardware = TechniSat – SkyStart USB Plus
  2. Windows Driver = TechniSat TV Center
    You don’t need to install all the TV Center, you could let windows install only the DBA driver automatically but you need to check if all files are installed correctly:
    C:\windows\system32\drivers\ttusb2bda.sys [NOT Digitally Signed v1.0.2.8]
  3. Player = DVB Dream (see the flash tutorial)
  4. PlugIn = V-Plug to be installed into C:\dvbdream\Plugins\pip00
  5. Update key = PowerInstall Key Updater
  6. Video Codec = Cole2k Media – Codec Pack V6.1.0 Standard
    This will install “InterVideo Video Filter”
  7. HD Codec = CoreAVC v1.6.5.0
  8. Open DVB Dream and Ctrl+G (Video Option) to set all codec as shown in the screenshot.
Hope this help! 🙂

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