DD-WRT on La Fonera

To install DD-WRT firmware on La fonera, you need to keep in mind the following steps:
  • You need to enable telnet in redboot to install a new firmware
  • You need to enable SSH access to enable telnet for redboot

To install a new firmware, when telnet in redboot is enabled, you could follow My Nuts guide (firmware 0.7.1 R5).

The official DD-WRT guide is OK only for firmware version 0.7.1 R1

DHCP server is not enabled on the cable network, so the default IP used by la Fonera is and you need to set your PC to a static IP to /
If you have firmware 0.7.1 R2, connect to La Fonera via Wifi and select “Static IP” in menu “Advanced” –> “Internet Connection”:
  • “IP address” = (or according to your router)
  • “Network Mask” =
  • “Gateway” = same a your “IP Address”
  • “DNS” = (according to DD-WRT guide)

Then procede as follow:

  1. Disconnect power supply to La Fonera
  2. Connect Ethernet cable from La Fonera to your Internet router
  3. Connect power supply to La Fonera
  4. Wait a few minutes that all 3 green leds will be on
  5. Reset La Fonera by pressing the small button on the bottom
  6. Let all 3 leds light up again
  7. Try to connect via SSH using Putty.

Set the following value into Putty:

  • Host Name =
  • Connection Type = SSH
  • Port = 22

If all works fine, it will be prompted for credential:

  • Username = root
  • Password = admin

Continue according to DD-WRT guide (Step 3) to install an hacked version of the Kernel:

cd /tmp
mtd -e vmlinux.bin.l7 write openwrt-ar531x-2.4-vmlinux-CAMICIA.lzma

Let La Fonera boot up correctly (all 3 leds ON) and reconnect to it via WiFi.
Open Putty with the same settings above and continue according to DD-WRT guide (Step 4) to hack the RedBoot bootloader:

cd /tmp
mtd -e “RedBoot config” write out.hex “RedBoot config”

Now the Redboot is unlocked and you could use AP51 to upload DD-WRT firmware as indicated in this guide.

You need to download DD-WRT v24 RC6.2 firmware components from DD-WRT Download section:

Install WinPcap_4_0_1.exe and then run AP51 with the following settings:

  • Rootfs section = Use external file –> Select “root.fs”
  • Kernel section = Use external file –> Select “vmlinux.bin.l7”
  • Create Nvram Partition (for DD-WRT) = Enable!
  • Interface section = Select your Ethernet Network Card driver

Now all is ready to flash DD-WRT firmware, here is the correct steps:

  1. Disconnect power supply on La Fonera
  2. Connect Ethernet cable on PC and La Fonera
  3. Click the “GO” button on AP51 and wait “No Packet” message
  4. Connect power supply on La Fonera
  5. Wait about 15 minutes until all firmware will be uploaded to La Fonera
  6. When finished AP51 will exit with no messages
  7. La Fonera will be automatically rebooted

Connect to to check the new firmware because DD-WRT has a built-in DHCP.

Download latest v24 firmware from DD-WRT Download section:

Upgrade to latest firmware as describe in DD-WRT Flashing guide.


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