Cape Verde Holiday – Island of Sal

The island is 30 km long by 12 km wide. It is one of the three sandy eastern islands (Sal, Boa Vista and Maio) of the archipelago, with white sandy beaches and fairly flat. The highest elevation of 406 m at Monte Grande. Serra Negra has a height of 92 m.
Without a doubt, the most picturesque place on the island is PEDRA DE LUME, the name given to a crater of the now extinct volcano. Entry to the crater was made possible by means of a artificial tunnel built in 1804. The crater is at sea-level, and even though the sea is 1 km away the water manages to filter in. The salt pits of Santa Maria, although not in use anymore, are well worth a visit and lie about 1 km from the town. VILA DE ESPARGOS, which got its name from the vegetation growing there, is also interesting to visit.
In the port of PALMEIRA, which has facilities for receiving cargo ships, the salt purifying stations are very interesting to visit. The lobster farms are also quite fascinating. Anyone wishing to buy quality lobster can do so and at very attractive prices.
Other places worth visiting are: ALGADOEIRA, a small oasis and BURACONA, a natural swimming pool that fills and empties according to the tides. Near an old lighthouse, one can also find CALHETA FUNDA and one shouldn’t miss FONTONA, PUF, DANFIOR as well. Finally, FIURA is an excellent place to do some fishing and witness the forces of the waves on Sal.

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