TomTom Navigator 7 on Samsung i780

TomTom 7 was released on a HTC Diamond Mobile Phone.
So there will be a new version that should works fine on Windows Mobile devices.
Configure Samsung i780 internal GPS settings:
  • Start Menu –> Settings –> System tab –> External GPS
  • Program Tab = COM8
  • Hardware Tab = COM9 & 4800

Install and Configure GPS Proxy:

  • Menu –> Extensions –> Delete “Garmin Protocol Output” as extensions
  • Select “NMEA Input” in the GPS Provider –> Configure button
  • Set “GPS COM Port” = COM8
  • Enable “Mirror GPS To Output Port”
  • Set “Output COM Port” = COM1
  • Menu –> “Virtual COM Ports”
  • Set “Virtual COM Port” = COM1 by press Add button
  • Menu –> Settings
  • Enable “Run External App after Proxy Startup”
  • Set “External Application” = “TomTom Navigator.exe”

Install TomTom 7:

  • Following the XDA Developers instruction
  • Configure GPS settings to “Other GPS NMEA”
  • GPS Transmission Rate = “4800 Baud”
  • GPS Port = “GPSProxy Virtual COM Port on COM1:”

Quick summary of the serial port communication between GPS and TomTom:

NMEA GPS 4800 Samsung i780 GPS Proxy TomTom 7

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