TomTom Navigator 7 on Telesystem TS8.5 PND

Prepare Telesystem registry according to discussion:
  • Download and Install Registry Workshop to edit the PDA registry from the PC
  • Remove SD card from the PDA
  • Perform a Reset
  • Insert the SD card –> It should be shown as “\SDMMC”
  • Edit the following registry keys:
    • HKLM/System/StorageManager/FATFS/CacheSize –> “1000”
  • Copy all TomTom files inside the \SDMMC\MobileNavigator folder
  • Copy all files of the required map inside the \SDMMC\Map_Name folder
  • Rename the program “TomTom Navigator.exe” in “MobileNavigator.exe” inside “\SDMMC\MobileNavigator\” folder

If you would like to have a different home screen, install NicolMenu as indicated on Adivor forum:

  • Copy the “MENU” folder in \ResidentFlash\
  • Edit the registry key:
    HKLM/init/Launch 50 –> “\ResidentFlash\MENU\Menu3button.exe”
  • Replace the file “NicolConfig.xml” with “NicolConfig.xml.ok”
  • Edit the file “NicolConfig.xml” to point to the “TomTom Navigator.exe” file correctly

If you receive the error “Unable to start. Not enough memory is available.”, you should change the “Memory allocation” in Control Panel –> System –> Memory and slide the cursor to left.

Please note that you must not start Explorer.exe after the change of the “My Documents” folder because this will show the SD Card as “\SDMMC2”

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