Green ICT – Software solution to climate change

I found a good article that summarize the impact of ICT and Microsoft proposals:
Green ICT: Banking on a software solution to climate change
Information and communication technology firms are at the forefront of reducing our carbon footprint, and they are set to reap the rewards.

The statement:
Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist to software giant Microsoft, says, “Software can deliver an alternative to fossil fuels.”
In other words, for ICT companies the nascent green market looks like a very attractive place to invest.

The money:
A report by Insight Research Corp valued green offerings within the telecommunications sector by tying a price to the abated carbon emissions, which amounted to $1.2 trillion over the next five years. A slightly more conservative estimation of the green ICT market from the World Wildlife Fund, again in terms of emissions abated and energy-related cost savings to all other sectors, put the value of green ICT at $946.5 billion.

The impact:
At present the ICT sector accounts for 2% of global emissions, the equivalent of the airline industry, according to Gartner Research. But ICT compliance with existing and new legislation, such as the European “ecodesign for energy using products” (EUP) directive, due next year, means the sector is going green by default.
a recent report by the Climate Group found that the ICT sector could achieve global emissions reductions from industry of 7.8 billion tons of Co2e by 2020. That’s five times the sector’s own footprint.

Microsoft’s eco-software:
Fiat’s new Eco Drive programme and the European Environment Agency’s Eye on Earth portal are two such examples.
The aim is to help drivers handle their vehicle more efficiently, which Fiat says could lower emissions by up to 15%

The future:
Microsoft is currently developing the Environmental Sustainability Dashboard for MS Dynamics AX dashboard, which is due to be released in the first quarter. The software is designed to help companies track their energy consumption and emissions by making environmental data collection a normal part of business.

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