Samsung SyncMaster T200HD – 20" with TV Tuner

full HD 1080p
1080p Full HD technology means you are watching the highest resolution images available today. Nearly twice the resolution of regular HDTV, you will experience an astoundingly vivid and realistic picture and incredible image. More pixels mean higher definition and that means more detail than ever before with 1920 x 1080 Full HD technology, giving you the most lifelike images and astounding clarity no matter how fast the action.

invisible speaker system
At first glance you might think that we forgot to include the speakers, but with our innovative invisible Speaker System, they are neatly hidden within the body of the monitor in order to maintain the clean, fluid lines of the exterior. For an even more enhanced surround sound experience, the T series monitor includes SRS Tru Surround XTTM, a patented audio technology specifically designed for a two-speaker output system. Plus, our parametric EQ technology enables our speakers to reproduce deeper and clearer sound without distortion over the entire range of frequencies.

Now fully equipped with two HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) connections. Connect HD digital devices such as AC devices, game consoles, digital cameras and camcorders into the two HDMI ports to make the most of your HD experience.

Enhanced connectivity
A comprehensive array of connection options allows SAMSUNG LCD monitors to be connected to external A / V devices. The incorporation of Component, D-Sub, DVI-D, USB 2.0 and HDMI connectors makes connection convenient and complete.

Embedded DTV tuner
With the built-in Digital Television (DTV) tuner, the T series immediately widens your entertainment world. Unlike many monitors, the T series can decode and display free, over-the-air digital TV broadcasts without buying any additional equipment.

Low power consumption
Power consumption is always a concern when it comes to home electronics. The T series monitor from SAMSUNG consumes only 65-70W in operation mode. Compared to other monitors, that’s a reduction of almost 30W. And with the unique SoftPower Off function, the monitor consumes a mere 0.3W when on standby. So with the T series, you can work productively at home without worrying about driving up your energy bill.

More information on the Samsung website and the User Manual on SkyDrive

The price on PixMania is €224 + €15.90 (shipping wiht express courier) = €239.90
The price on MediaWorld is €279
The price on is €282


Film live streaming on MegaVideo

OK, I was looking for a preview of Madagascar 2, but I found the complete film online in streaming. If there is the “DivX” version, you could cache all the movie locally and save the temp file to get the full AVI video file.

If you like to see the film offline, I suggest this nice tool Mega Video Downloader 3.0 to download all FLV file on your PC.

To see more online movies: check on the website

Renato Zero – I migliori anni della nostra vita

Penso che ogni giorno sia
Come una pesca miracolosa
E che è bello pescare sospesi
Su di una soffice nuvola rosa .
Io come un gentiluomo ,
E tu come una sposa .
Mentre fuori dalla finestra
Si alza in volo soltanto la polvere .
C’è aria di tempesta !
Sarà che noi due siamo di un altro
Lontanissimo pianeta .
Ma il mondo da qui sembra soltanto
Una botola segreta .
Tutti vogliono tutto , per poi accorgersi
Che è niente .
Noi non faremo come l’altra gente ,
Questi sono e resteranno per sempre…
I migliori anni della nostra vita .
I migliori anni della nostra vita .
Stringimi forte che nessuna notte è infinita ,
I migliori anni della nostra vita .
Penso che è stupendo
Restare al buio abbracciati e muti ,
Come pugili dopo un incontro .
Come gli ultimi sopravvissuti .
Forse un giorno scopriremo
Che non ci siamo mai perduti…
E che tutta questa tristezza in realtà ,
Non è mai esistita !
I migliori anni della nostra vita ,
I migliori anni della nostra vita ,
Stringimi forte che nessuna notte è infinita .
I migliori anni della nostra vita !
Stringimi forte che nessuna notte è infinita .
I migliori anni della nostra vita

Syabas on GigaNAS – Best configuration and Logging

Download Syabas package from Embeded System to enable Video / Audio / Photo streaming on the GigaNAS with latest firmware installed.

A brochure with a features list of the Syabas NAS Media Server is also available on the Syabas website with sample of the configuration and folders structure.

DLNA protocol and NMPR v2.1 (Networked Media Product Requirements) is used to share data for gaming consoles, PCs and mobile devices that support Universal Plug and Play.

The public sharing folders are stored in \mnt\ide4\public\media\ and divided as follow:

  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Photo_Thumbnails
  • Video

The configuration, application and web server are located in \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\

To edit the configuration via web interface access http://nas:8088/ or edit the configuration file “ms.conf” stored in \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\server:

# version p3.3 [Ref.No : 1.3.2]
# shared media path
# media server friendly name
friendly_name=Gemini NAS Media Server
# canche-control value in second
# max return
# Optional USB share folder support(refer to README)
# usb_path = /YOUR/USB/PATH

For more information check the official website