MLDonkey on GigaNAS – Best configuration and Logging

Download MLDonkey package available on Embeded System: be sure to have latest firmware installed on the GigaNAS.
Logon to the NAS via your browser with username = admin & password = admin (default).
Navigate to System –> Install Software

After you have installed the package on the NAS, a new folder will be create on this folder: /mnt/ide4/local/mldonkey/
If Ide4 is the Hard Disk with the OS installed and the user shares.

The main configuration file is download.ini in text format: edit it with MLDonkey Core (read Service) disable or do it via WEB GUI.

You could interact with MLDonket core with the following interfaces:

  • GUI Port = 4001 –> Used by Sancho
  • WEB HTTP Port = 4080 –> Used to access via browser http://nas:4080/
  • Telnet Port = 4000 –> Used by CMD access

If you have some problems, enable the full logging (Option –> Files) and check MLNET.log in /mnt/ide4/local/mldonkey/

Downloaded files are saved during in the temp folder (/mnt/ide4/local/mldonkey/temp/GUID) until completition, then they are moved to incoming folder.

More information on the official MLDonkey website

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