Backup with GigaNAS

GigaNAS has an inbox backup functionality from NAS to an external IP address.

It’s a 4 steps wizard with the following settings:
  • IP Address of the remote NAS = location of the network share
  • Full Backup / Incremental Backup = schedule a weekly incremental backup or create a new full standalone backup of the files.
  • Select source folders = select which share to backup
  • Backup scheduling = select a specific date for standalone backup or monthly day and time for incremental backup
  • Email Setting = set Mail Server and EMail Account if you want to receive an email with the backup log
If you need to backup data from PC to NAS, simply use the inbox “NT Backup” on your Operating System or another free solution is Microsoft SyncToy v2.0

3 thoughts on “Backup with GigaNAS

  1. Hi, it seems really easy but don't work (at least for me)… when you say "location of the network share" I write the IP but, how is supposed to be called the network share in the other NAS or Server?, and what user will use the GigaNAS to establish the connection? Thanks

  2. Hello MC Tech,the NAS will use the same user as you scheduled the job (i.e. admin).The network share should be to another NAS or location to backup the data inside GigaNAS… you can't perform a backup to same disks to backup!Thanks and Have a nice day.

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