Syabas on GigaNAS – Best configuration and Logging

Download Syabas package from Embeded System to enable Video / Audio / Photo streaming on the GigaNAS with latest firmware installed.

A brochure with a features list of the Syabas NAS Media Server is also available on the Syabas website with sample of the configuration and folders structure.

DLNA protocol and NMPR v2.1 (Networked Media Product Requirements) is used to share data for gaming consoles, PCs and mobile devices that support Universal Plug and Play.

The public sharing folders are stored in \mnt\ide4\public\media\ and divided as follow:

  • Audio
  • Photo
  • Photo_Thumbnails
  • Video

The configuration, application and web server are located in \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\

To edit the configuration via web interface access http://nas:8088/ or edit the configuration file “ms.conf” stored in \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\server:

# version p3.3 [Ref.No : 1.3.2]
# shared media path
# media server friendly name
friendly_name=Gemini NAS Media Server
# canche-control value in second
# max return
# Optional USB share folder support(refer to README)
# usb_path = /YOUR/USB/PATH

For more information check the official website


13 thoughts on “Syabas on GigaNAS – Best configuration and Logging

  1. Hi there. I a complete novice to the NAS technology and bought two units of the Dual bay GIGA NAS-E. I’ve read your posts and wanted to ask you for help regarding the device. I’m unable to find the local folder on the hard drive. It isn’t there. I set up the tow SATA hdd in RAID 1 formation and have installed torrentflux and Syabas server. I’ve configured the media server as well, but I can’t open files through the sever page on my laptop. Am I doing something wrong? Also, I’m having trouble setting up the FTP server on the device. I’d appreciate all your help. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Raman


  2. This is very interessting information! Since I’m not able to save the settings (probably ms.conf is read only) I tried to access it via ftp, but couldn’t find it. What web interface do you use to access this file? Do I have to do a special ftp-setup with my nas?


  3. Thanks a lot Mr. Lele! But I’m not used to Telnet.Everything works fine until “browse to \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\server”.The following happened:BusyBox v1.00-rc3 (2008.10.08-02:39+0000) Built-in shell (ash)Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.holzinas> chdir \mnt\ide4\local\syabas\serverchdir: 1: can't cd to mntide4localsyabasserverholzinas> dir-rw-r–r– 1 admin users 133 Mar 5 20:20 .ash_historydrwxr-s–x 2 admin users 4096 Jan 1 2007 Network Trash Folderdrwxr-xr-x 14 root root 4096 Mar 4 21:51 ..drwxr-s–x 3 admin users 4096 Mar 5 20:20 .holzinas> helpBuilt-in commands:——————- . : alias bg break cd chdir continue eval exec exit export false fg hash help jobs kill let local pwd read readonly return set shift times trap true type ulimit umask unalias unset waitAt this point I had to quit.My next question will be: “What do I have to do to have the ms.conf write enabled?”, and “How can I start an editor inside Telnet?”Regards Holzi


  4. Hello Holzi,ok inside telnet you need to move to root folder, so here is the commands.Move to root folder with this commnad “cd ..”List directory in the folder with “dir” command.Look for a “mnt” folder, if you can find it, move inside that folder with the command “cd mnt”Continue with “dir” command and “cd %foldername%” until you are inside a similar folder (the path depends on your HDDs configuration).When you see the file using the “dir” command, type “chmod 777 ms.conf” to enable read/write to the file for all users.If you need to edit the file, there is a built-in editor “vi”.I suggest to check vi command at this website: this help and Have a nice day.


  5. thanks a lot mr. lele.this weekend i will give it a try. telnet seems to be a mixture of good old dos and ftp-client and i think i can learn to deal with any case i will post a feedback.regardsholzi


  6. I had a little success :-)I logged in as admin and due to your excellent description the “ms.conf” has been found quickly in “local\syabas\server”.I typed “chmod 777 ms.conf” and received “chmod: ms.conf: Operation not permitted”- all directories in path are rwxr-xr-x- ms.conf is rw-r–r–Due to this admin should be allowed to change permissions.I’m going to get desperate with this thing……Please help again!!!


  7. Hello Holzi,to be able to run the chmod command, you need to login as “root” and not as admin.I’ts linux, so you need “superadmin” permission! ;-)Have a nice day.


  8. Sorry, I should have told you, but I already tried the username “root”. The problem is that I didn’t know the password. By the way, I haven’t been asked for it during the NAS setup-process. The NAS has been bought brandnew, so root’s password should be default. Do you know it?


  9. This thing is crazy. I changed admin’s password back to default (=admin) and……suddenly I could log in as root with password admin, and changing permissions is no problem anymore.Now back to the webinterface I tried to change the audio-path, but still the new setting isn’t saved.Any last idea?Regards Holzi


  10. Hi,Firstly, thanks Ing Lele for really useful comments on the Giganas – there aren't that many around.Secondly, I'm struggling to change the media directory successfully.If I telnet in, chmod the ms.conf file and change it so that the new media path = /mnt/md1/media (because my media directories are at the same level as public, not below), it saves correctly, but then when I restart the Giganas, it still shows pubic/media on the media server webpage for the Giganas (where you can enable), and it seems to re-write ms.conf… What's happening, and why is the Giganas over-writing my ms.conf changes?Any thoughts gratefully received!


  11. @MYou may have read my postings, and I can tell that I didn't use this f***ing thing anymore.You're unable to save your configuration and sucks with it's multiple crashes and hang-ups.Since you should have still warranty I advise you to try to change it to a better (less cheaper) device.Regards Holzi


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