ESTJ is also known as STABILIZER
Practical, realistic, matter-of-fact, with a natural head for business or mechanics. Not interested in subjects for which they see no use, but can apply themselves when necessary. Like to organize and run activities. Responsible and orderly. Loyal and steadfast. May be impatient with others or impetuous. Like to be involved in community activities.

Distribution of score on dimensions
50% means an equal score on both dimensions. This will lead to an X in the given dimension attribute.The bigger difference, the more significant is the leading attribute.

Most significant characteristics

E – Extroversion
Extroverted persons are attuned to the culture, people, and things around them, endeavoring to make decisions congruent with demands and expectations. The extrovert is outgoing, socially free, interested in variety and in working with people. The extrovert may become impatient with long, slow tasks and does not mind being interrupted by people.

S – Sensing
The sensing type prefers the concrete, real, factual, structured, tangible here-and-now, becoming impatient with theory and the abstract, mistrusting intuition. The sensing type think in careful, detail-by-detail accuracy, remembering real facts, making few errors of fact, but possibly missing a conception of the overall.

T – Thinking
The thinker makes judgments about life, people, occurrences, and things based on logic, analysis, and evidence, avoiding the irrationality of making decisions based on feelings and values. As a result, the thinker is more interested in logic, analysis, and verifiable conclusions than in empathy, va1ues, and persona1 warmth. The thinker may step on others feelings and needs without realizing it, neglecting to take into consideration the values of others.

J – Judging
The judger is decisive, firm, and sure, setting goals and sticking to them. The judger wants to close books. make decisions. and get on to the next project. When a project does not yet have closure, judgers will leave it behind and go on to new tasks and not look back.

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