It’s time to switch… to LED! :-)

In 2007, I switched from Incandescent lamps to CFLs. Now, in 2010, it’s time to switch from CFL to LED.

The point is to use a LumiSheet Lamp as living-room lamp by Fawoo

The main task is to get a correct light power with LED. You should consider:
  1. Test light with CFL to identify the correct power
  2. Get the total lumens supplied by CFL
  3. LED are discrete points with low lumens per dots
  4. Sum all LED lumens to get an average light emitted and equals to tested CFL
I used a 20 Watt CFL that equals to 1500 lumens according to Wikipedia – Osram
According to LumiSheet Lamp datasheet, there is High Intensity Flexible LED Module with 80 lumens / watt
To have a total of 1500 lumens: LED lamp will consume about 18.75 Watt (1500 lumens / 80)
LED density:
  • LOW = 1 LED @ 15 mm – 18 chip per strip
  • HIGH = 1 LED @ 11 mm – 24 chip per strip
if you create a lamp 1 meter x 1 meter you get:
  • 1000 mm / 15 mm = 66 LED / side
  • 1000 mm / 11 mm = 90 LED / side
Color of LED could be:
  • Warm White = 3700K
  • Neutral White = 5400K
  • Cold White = 9500K

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