Samsung LED TV – AllShare supported video format

Samsung Supported Video Format

Here is the official list of supported video format took by the TV manual by all Samsung TVs with AllShare functionality.
This could be streamed using local HDD, USB memory drive or DLNA server.

Here is the subtitle supported format:


and Audio & Video Decoder capabilities


9 thoughts on “Samsung LED TV – AllShare supported video format

    • Check your TV manual, there is a section specific to the supported format.

      My TV is Samsung UE40C6510 (40” Full HD LED TV) and it’s natively support MKV file.
      Also, remember to check if there is an updated Firmware version which could update video codec onboard in the TV.

      Hope this help!

      Ing. Lele

  1. That is no true at all. I have many videos in DX50 (divx 5) that are read but half of them with exact same 4CC (DX50) are just not supported.
    I have the most recent firmware update (2012 – January) on model un46D6050TF. My PC read all of them properly.
    Don’t buy Sansung if you want good DLNA support.

  2. I had the error “video codec not supported” using allshare, but once I used Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 (free version) it fixed this issue. So, what some files are missing is the correct encoding! I was able to do this to .wmv, avi and mov files. Either seperately or making a windows live movie maker file and encoding that final result. Why no one has this info posted anywhere I looked (and I looked high and low) I have no idea, but yeah theres the fix..

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