FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 v3 – International firmware link

=> To change the firmware you need to set the User Interface password from menu System > Kenwort

Firmware AVM =

Custom Firmware =

Recovery CD =

Forum & Wiki =

Enable Telnet, connect to the router and get the following information:

# cat /proc/sys/urlader/environment
ProductID       Fritz_Box_7270_16
SerialNumber    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
annex   B
autoload        yes
bootloaderVersion       1.544
bootserport     tty0
country 039
cpufrequency    360000000
firstfreeaddress        0x946BDA1C
firmware_version        avme
firmware_info   54.04.81
flashsize       0x01000000
jffs2_size      50
language        it
maca    00:24:FE:E6:C5:89
macb    00:24:FE:E6:C5:8A
macwlan 00:24:FE:AA:ED:46
macdsl  00:24:FE:E6:C5:8B
memsize 0x04000000
modetty0        38400,n,8,1,hw
modetty1        38400,n,8,1,hw
mtd0    0x90000000,0x90000000
mtd1    0x90020000,0x90F80000
mtd2    0x90000000,0x90020000
mtd3    0x90F80000,0x90FC0000
mtd4    0x90FC0000,0x91000000
prompt  Eva_AVM
req_fullrate_freq       120000000
sysfrequency    120000000
tr069_passphrase        7TGQAAyVQxZV
tr069_serial    00040E-0024FEE6C589
urlader-version 1544
usb_board_mac   00:24:FE:E6:C5:8C
usb_rndis_mac   00:24:FE:E6:C5:8D
usb_device_id   0x5E00
usb_revision_id 0x0200
usb_device_name USB DSL Device
usb_manufacturer_name   AVM
wlan_key        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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