Create RSS Feed from static HTML webpage

RSS Feed allow you to schedule pre-defined action thanks to

Some old or “formal” website didn’t rely on RSS Feed, causing problem of integration.

The good news is that you can easily create RSS Feed from that “old” website using free online services like Feed43

Most website create them analyzing the source code of the webpage, so you need to dig a little bit, to identify the “range” in the code that will identify your news, to publish in the feed.

  1. Paste HTML link into the source page, like =
  2. Global Search Pattern =
    <h2><a name="1213279842587"></a>Allerte meteo</h2>
  3. Item (repeatable) Search Pattern =

Then you got the HTML text inside the <p>{%}</p> right after the “Allerte meteo”  H2 title

The rest of settings in the Feed43 page are used only to create a better RSS with title, link and file name.


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