Minergate cli in Ubuntu 16

You can download Ubuntu (Debian) console of Minergate from official website

Link to latest version is:


From Ubuntu console, download the package

wget https://minergate.com/download/deb-cli -O minergate-cli.deb

Install the package via dpkg

sudo dpkg -i minergate-cli.deb
Then you can use the console as reported in official guideline
minergate-cli -user your@mail.com -fcn+xmr

2 thoughts on “Minergate cli in Ubuntu 16

  1. Hello. Do you know where can I find the commands list of minergate-cli? The program doesn’t have a console manual (man minergate-cli), neither a help description (minergate-cli –help)! And furthermore, in the FAQs of Minergate there are only the commands to start mining 😦 Is it all?
    For example, what must I do if I want to stop mining using a minergate-cli command? It seems to me that to stop it using Ctrl+c is unconvenient; in fact, always it causes “bad shares” in my Minergate account.


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