TYT TH-9800 and HAM Radio Go-Kit


TYT Official

Power Distribution


Programming Software

Firmware Options

  • Turn off radio via normal power button
  • Press left LOW button AND power button, to enter firmware mode
  • Radio will boot in firmware mode: “F1 – SETMOD RESET” on display
    • Press A = MAIN UPDATE
    • Press B = PANEL UPDATE
    • Press F = RF Test mode
    • Press Set = Reset radio settings (keep channels memory)
  • Left/Right Dial scroll, switch between mode =
    • F2 = HYPER RESET
    • F4 = ALL RESET
    • F5 = M_ONLY MODE

MAIN UPDATE mode is used to fix TYT TH-9800 Firmware Update “Busy Lock” which requires a full firmware update.


User Group


2 thoughts on “TYT TH-9800 and HAM Radio Go-Kit

  1. Hi, Nice blog wrt TYT TH 9800.. I enjoyed reading it…

    Need one small help.. in my tyt th 9800 which was working properly, I tried to set that as a cross band repeater. Now I reverted the setting and got it back to normal mode. Now looks like the radio is showing me some issue. Previously On both channels, when I try to receive any frequency, it used to show busy and ‘s’ meter showing signal strength. But now on left channel, it is showing busy, I can receive the audio, but no s meter. If I transmit, I see that ‘s’ meter graphics.

    I tried one experiment. I set both left and right channel to 144.500 and transmitted from other radio. On both left and right channel of tyt th 9800, I could receive audio but no s meter on left channel. Where as I can see “s” meter on right channel.

    Is it some configuration issue or firmware issue? I tried to reset the radio following the manual, but it did not solve the issue. I observed rest all basic functionalities are working perfectly.

    Could you please suggest whats going wrong?



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