Fonera – Client Mode config as backup WAN

Start from factory default: Admin > Factory Defaults > Yes > Save

Note: if La Fonera lose connectivity or IP, connect via

Main changes to perform:

Setup > Basic Settings

  • Internet Connection Type: Automatic Configuration – DHCP.
  • Local IP: 192.168.Z.Y, where Z is any number between 1 and 255 that IS NOT the same as X in the host router settings. I used for my tests.
  • Subnet:, or whatever is identical to the same setting in the host router.
  • Gateway & Local DNS: Leave these blank or the same as your host router’s Local IP.

Wireless > Basic Settings

Before altering the following, change Wireless Channel to an identical setting to the host router’s Wireless Channel. In my tests I used 11 (2.426 GHz). Hit save settings and continue with the guide. This setting will be unavailable after changing to Client mode.

  • Wireless Mode: Client.
  • Wireless Network Mode: Mixed. A setting identical to the host router is all that has been tested. Either using mixed on the La Fonera, or a separate setting that is identical to the same Wireless Network Mode used on the host router, will probably work.
  • “G-Only” on host OR both host & fon will not work – freonchill
  • Wireless Network Name (SSID): Identical to the same SSID in the host router.

Wireless > Wireless Security

  • Change the Security Mode for the Physical Interface to the same settings used on the host router.

At this point, if all settings are correct and the Fonera has connected as a client to the host router, the Fonera should now have gained an IP address from the host router.

Main guide is at DD-WRT forum: LaFonera Software Client-Mode


UniFi USG + Switch + AP – How to configure WAN Failover

UniFi Secirty Gateway (USG) WAN failover capability is not working using configuration UI. Here is step by step on how to have it working correctly.

Below you can find content of config.gateway.json to upload via WinSCP.

If you don’t have CloudKey, the correct path inside PC is “C:\Users\<username>\Ubiquiti UniFi\data\sites\default

     "load-balance": {
         "group": {
             "wan_failover": {
                 "flush-on-active": "enable"