XMR on Azure – MineXMR closure

Based on previous posts:

Use latest xmrig v6.18 and leverage the configuration wizard website to select nanopool based on the official nanopool settings:

    "autosave": true,
    "donate-level": 5,
    "cpu": true,
    "opencl": false,
    "cuda": false,
    "pools": [
            "coin": "monero",
            "url": "xmr-us-west1.nanopool.org:14433",
            "user": "your_wallet_here",
            "tls": true

To check if startup script and configuration are working correctly, review Nanopool status and search XMR Wallet.

SSH into the node and monitor xmrig miner =

tail -s 5 -n 100 -f /mnt/batch/tasks/startup/wd/xmrig/build/xmrig.log
sudo hscreen -r -S monero

For troubleshooting, review these folders:

# Azure Batch startup script location
cd /mnt/batch/tasks/startup/wd/

# xmrig build folder
cd /mnt/batch/tasks/startup/wd/xmrig/build/