Bank Investment based on Artificial Intelligence


run by eccentric roboticist Ben Goertzel

Aidyia was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 by computer scientists and financial market veterans. We deploy cutting edge artificial general intelligence (AGI) technology to identify patterns and predict price movements.

We plan to launch a US equities long/short fund in early 2015 and subsequent funds in other asset classes using the same AGI technology


Sentient Investment Management utilizes proprietary, patented artificial
intelligence technologies to spur continual evolution of its investment strategies.
Combining evolutionary intelligence technologies, deep learning algorithms and other techniques that identify and propagate the most successful strategies, SIM’s distributed artificial intelligence system is continuously processing and learning from enormous stockpiles of data, developing investment strategies in groundbreaking new ways.

Emma AI

Emma/MANSI, is an autonomous AI built on a CNN and trained using supervised & unsupervised learning, with the aim of augmenting financial, business analysis and consulting work for enterprises & professionals.
Emma understands context of a particular query through # (hashtags, currently English only).
Manulife’s LOFT is using deep learning to train a computer system so it can decipher natural language. –,,lang=en&artId=148874&navId=630002,00.html