Ethminer on Win 2016 NV12 Azure VM

Benchmark using ethminer running on Windows Server 2016 inside a NV12 VM in Azure.

Change the number of streams

ethminer.exe -U -F --cuda-streams N -M
Test result with –cuda-streams 4
Trial 1... 33554432
Trial 2... 34952533
Trial 3... 34940886
Trial 4... 33554432
Trial 5... 33554432
min/mean/max: 33554432/34111343/34952533 H/s
inner mean: 23297806 H/s
Test result with –cuda-streams 2 
Trial 1... 33554432
Trial 2... 33554432
Trial 3... 34253482
Trial 4... 34253482
Trial 5... 33554432
min/mean/max: 33554432/33834052/34253482 H/s
inner mean: 11417827 H/s
Test result with –cuda-streams 8
Trial 1... 33554432
Trial 2... 33554432
Trial 3... 33554432
Trial 4... 36350634
Trial 5... 34694390
min/mean/max: 33554432/34341664/36350634 H/s
inner mean: 23681674 H/s
Test result with –cuda-streams 16
Trial 1... 27962026
Trial 2... 27952709
Trial 3... 22362167
Trial 4... 27934092
Trial 5... 27962026
min/mean/max: 22362167/26834604/27962026 H/s
inner mean: 27949609 H/s
Test result with –cuda-streams 32 
Trial 1... 33554432
Trial 2... 27197108
Trial 3... 42570961
Trial 4... 27164081
Trial 5... 34065413
min/mean/max: 27164081/32910399/42570961 H/s
inner mean: 31605651 H/s
Test result with –cuda-streams 64
<Application crash>



Minergate cli in Ubuntu 16

You can download Ubuntu (Debian) console of Minergate from official website

Link to latest version is:

From Ubuntu console, download the package

wget -O minergate-cli.deb

Install the package via dpkg

sudo dpkg -i minergate-cli.deb
Then you can use the console as reported in official guideline
minergate-cli -user -fcn+xmr

Ethereum block – reward

My first Ethereum block reward! ❤

Thanks to MinerGate!

Ethereum block

Full guide to Etherium

GPU Ethereum mining on Ubuntu 16 VM in Azure

Only NC-series VM are supported running Linux – Source article

Instead of attach a data disk – resize OS disk from portal and expand File System

sudo resize2fs /dev/sda1

Install Nvidia video driver for Ubuntu VM – Only NC driver

Install GETH via PPA

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ethereum/ethereum
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ethereum ethminer

Copy the account file in “/home/<user>/.ethereum”. You can use a data disk as Putty doesn’t allow copy/paste or use wget to download if it’s reachable from internet

sudo mkdir /datadisk
sudo mkdir /home/<user>/.ethereum
sudo chmod go+w /home/<user>/.ethereum
sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /datadisk cp <UTC--yyyy-mm-ddTnn-nn--xxxx> /home/<user>/.ethereum 
sudo umount /datadisk 
sudo rm -d /datadisk/


Run GETH to sync the node with network =

geth --etherbase '0x47A7C11aBee697bBA83F2ea1Ec072dc937584998' --syncmode "fast" --cache 4096 --trace "geth.log"

You can verify the size of geth folder using this cmd (size should be 18+ Gb) =

du -hs ~/.ethereum/geth

Run GETH in a dedicated screen to start mining using CPU ( about 18Gb of DB files )

screen -S gethminer geth --etherbase '0x47A7C11aBee697bBA83F2ea1Ec072dc937584998' --mine --minerthreads 12 --trace "geth.log"
screen -r -S gethminer


CPU & GPU using ethminer

Make sure ethminer is installed and geth is synched correctly:

sudo apt-get install ethereum ethminer

Configure ethminer to CPU mining

screen -S ethminerCPU ethminer -C -F --disable-submit-hashrate
screen -S ethminerGPU ethminer -G -F --disable-submit-hashrate
View current status of mining processes =
screen -r -S ethminerCPU
screen -r -S ethminerGPU

Monitoring CPU and GPU resource usage

Open a new Putty session
CPU usage
sudo apt-get install htop
Network usage
sudo apt-get install iftop
sudo iftop
GPU usage
watch -n 0.5 nvidia-smi
Disk usage
sudo apt-get install iotop
sudo iotop

GPU Ethereum mining on Windows VM in Azure

Download Genoila ethminer 0.9.41 fork 1.1.6

Configuration as reported in MinerGate

ethminer.exe -U -F --cuda-grid-size 8192 --cuda-block-size 128

Use Ubuntu Linux as performance are way better than Windows