Bticino MyHome integration with Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Mr Slim+

Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim Plus Heat Pump system:

  • EHST20C-VM2C Hydrotank 200L
  • PUHZ-FRP71VHA external unit
  • PEAD-RP71VHA internal unit
  • PAC IH03V2-E additional immersion resistant


Bticino MyHome Power Control system:


Heat / Cold Remote Control Interface system


Power control interface system

  • Mitsubishi Electric Power Control PAC-SC36NA-E


Heat Pump with Photovoltaic System and Tesla PowerWall

Heat Pump = Mitsubishi Mr Slim +

Photovoltaic Panels = 20x 333 Wp Benq

Battery = Tesla PowerWall v2 6 kW – 14 kWh

Inverter = SolarEdge 6 kW