Fossil of the Day award to Italy

We are worse country in the world according to latest congress in Poznan! 😦

Italy? But Italy has been so quiet here in Poznan!
Indeed, Italy wins First Fossil tonight for its delegation’s deceptive silence–even as their colleagues in Brussels and Rome do all they can to destroy the Poznan process.
Italy’s weapon against Poznan? Deadlock the EU negotiations by requesting revisions on the European Community’s Package on Energy and Climate. The Minister of Environment of Italy suggested that the 20% renewables by 2020 commitment is unrealistic because Italy cannot quantify the costs or trust the scientific basis for increasing the use of renewable energy. We think it’s unrealistic to expect us to swallow that excuse.
And it’s not just targets: By preventing a unified EU position, Italy is running away from any commitments on adaptation and technology transfer to developing countries.
Italy is so confident that its trickery will undermine the EU Package that its Minister suggested that EU targets should be reconsidered if no agreement is reached in Copenhagen. Is that what Italy wants? The failure of UNFCCC negotiations in reaching a final agreement next year?
Italy, it’s very clever. But the Fossil of the Day Supreme Command Council has eyes everywhere. Fossils for you!

Fascist state censors Pirate Bay

We’re quite used to fascist countries not allowing freedom of speech. A lot of smaller nations that have dictators decide to block our site since we can help spread information that could be harmful to the dictators.
This time it’s Italy. They suffer from a really bad background as one of the IFPIs was formed in Italy during the fascist years and now they have a fascist leader in the country, Silvio Berlusconi. Berlusconi is also the most powerful person in Italian media owning a lot of companies that compete with The Pirate Bay and he would like to stay that way – so one of his lackeys, Giancarlo Mancusi, ordered a shutdown of our domain name and IP in Italy to make it hard to not support Berlusconis empire.
We have had fights previously in Italy, recently with our successful art installation where we had to storm Fortezza in order to get our art done. And as usual, we won. We will also win this time.
We have already changed IP for the website – that makes it work for half the ISPs again. And we want you all to inform your italian friends to switch their DNS to OpenDNS so they can bypass their ISPs filters. This will also let them bypass the other filters installed by the Italian government, as a bonus. And for the meanwhile – works (La Baia means The Bay in Italian).
And please, everybody should also contact their ISP and tell them that this is not OK and that the ISPs should appeal. We don’t want a censored internet! And the war starts here…

Wiki Democracy: Share the ideas about Italian Political Parties

WD is the first experiment in the world to write the parties’ programs bottom-up.
It is still under development and focused on Italy, but we plan to internationalize it as soon as possible. If you wish to cooperate in order to translate some pages, if you want to support with donations, and/or you are a no-profit organization and willing to support us for deployment in other countries, please contact us.