Samsung LED TV – AllShare supported video format

Samsung Supported Video Format

Here is the official list of supported video format took by the TV manual by all Samsung TVs with AllShare functionality.
This could be streamed using local HDD, USB memory drive or DLNA server.

Here is the subtitle supported format:


and Audio & Video Decoder capabilities


Multimedia Home System – Streaming using DLNA protocol

See latest version at

More information about DLNA and UPnP

WDTV Live doesn’t support DLNA streaming on official firmware.
You need to install WDLXTV firmware, but this doesn’t include DLNA server but only client

To get DLNA server on WDLXTV you need to install a TwonkyMedia v4.4.18 -> note this SW is not FREE but you need to buy a copy at Twonky website