Verizon Jetpack 4G – Novatel mifi4620LE



  1. Connect Jetpack to computer via micro USB cable
  2. Install Official MiFi4620LE Windows PC Driver from Verizon website 
  3. Verify in Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) that drivers are installed correctly and you have Novatel mifi4620L device under modem. If not, you will see unknown Novatel device reported with yellow exclamation mark, search online for correct drivers.
  4. Download latest version of DC Unlocker 2 to be able to confirm the status
  5. Important: Remove Verizon SIM card otherwise it won’t connect and show the details about locked/unlocked
  6. Open DC Unlocker 2 and select:
    • Manufacturer = Novatel
    • Model = Auto detect (recommended)
  7. Click on Detect button to start device scan and you should get similar output as below:
DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1396
Detecting modem :

selection :
manufacturer - Novatel
model - Auto detect (recommended)

Found Applications port COM3
Found Diagnostics port COM4

Found modem         : MiFi4620L
Model               : MiFi4620L
IMEI                : 990000xxxxxxxxxxx
Firmware            : 3.20.16
Compile date / time : Feb 11 2013 22:07:46
Chipset             : Qualcomm MDM9600
NAND Flash          : MT29F1G08ABBDAH4   
SIM Lock status     : unlocked



MiFi should be unlocked, if it’s not and you want to unlock it: you will need to register and buy credit for DC – Unlocker.

The one I found was unlocked, so I didn’t test the unlock steps reported in the unlock Guide.

BTW: You don’t need to do firmware update steps as device is old, so it’s probably already updated to latest version of firmware and it will error out if you try to push same firmware version.



Samsung S5 SM-G900V by Verizon – Root & Recovery Image

Phone Info =

  • Model number = SM-G900V
  • Android Version = 5
  • Baseband version = G900VVRU2BOG5
  • Kernel = 3.4.0
  • Build Number = LRX21T.G900VVRU2BOG5
  • Hardware Version = G900V.05
  • KNOX = 2.3
  • Configuration = J13.SAM.SMG900V.1


Original Firmware

Firmware for SM-G900V

Step #1 – Get Root access to phone

I downgraded first using below guide.…wngrade-samsung-galaxy-s5-5-0-4-4-kitkat.html

Then I rooted using following guide.

Safestrap Without Odin+Safestrap Flashable Firmwares

Step #2 – ROM

[VZW_Stock Based TW Rom][5.0 Lollipop BOG5 Build Deodexed]

All Firmwares and all Instructions for Upgrading from KitKat Or Lollipop rom can be found Here


G900VVRU2BOG5 _Factory_Odin_Tar_Image – Use “Fully Stock Odin Factory Tar Image”