Ziply – Power outages backup plan

Nokia ONT FOG421

Nokia ONT FOG421

Ziply just upgraded existing Calix ONT 722GE which is market as End of Life and replaced with GPON ONT model FOG421 made by Nokia.

According to u/jwvo (John van Oppen – VP of Network at Ziply), the new Nokia ONT is able to support XGS and GPON

Power Supply – CyberPower CA25U16V2

The power supply is CyberPower CA25U16v2 is a 25.6 Watt power supply at 16 Volt able to provide 1.6 Amps and it’s designed to work with the new ONT

Some nice photos by Andrew of the ONT, Power Supply and new waterproof enclosure.

Power Outage overall backup plan

To continue to have internet during power outages, which are become more frequent and longer, best way is to have ONT and home router under UPS.

Home Router – Backup plan

12V UPS with 58Wh of battery

For standard home router using 12V power supply, the easier solution is to use an online, always-on UPS based on 12V Li-Ion battery pack which will continue to provide power to it for ~9h, considering 0.5A usage (9.62h =57.72 Wh / 12v / 0.5A).

ONT – “Basic” Backup plan

CyberPower CA25U16v2 has an auxiliary input port which support from 9.5V to 19.5V, so a similar 12V UPS can be used or a standard UPS like APC Back-UPS 425VA.

Power Supply is rated for 25W maximum power, which translate to 16V @ 1.6A.

APC Back-UPS 425VA can provide 25W continuously for ~1.5h if UPS is connected on 110V AC side.

Leveraging the auxiliary input port, you will need a 16VDC / 1.6A power supply with a 4.5mm plug (NOTE: Default plug of standard 12V power supply is 5.5mm and it’s too large).

ONT – “Advanced” Backup plan

10A Solar Charger Controller

Previous Power Supply supported a 12v 8Ah battery which could be re-used in this scenario.

Best solution would be to get: